Helen Robbins

Team away day 2024

Our annual ACA Team gathering held last month has become a vital and enjoyable part of our working year. Though we meet regularly online, there is nothing like the chance to properly check in with each other, reflect on the past year, explore new ideas and plan for the year ahead – and of course, the chance to eat and relax together.

The facilitators met for peer supervision – a wonderful opportunity to allow those who are giving out and listening so much to be held in a safe and caring space; to be listened to, nurtured and encouraged to extend what we offer.  We shared practical tips and ideas on dealing constructively with some of the challenges that are inevitable when over stretched staff are sent on mandatory training. 

We shared a wonderful dinner with party bags.  An online surprise during the year had been the sudden appearance of Lucas’ beard. So, in response we all joined him in that for an evening.  It was agreed that Helen most suited her new beard. 

Our formal business day was held at the stunning Møller Centre in Cambridge.  The overarching themes were about improving what we do – incremental and fundamental.  These are mainly in response to feedback and suggestions from course participants and commissioners, as well as our own observations and experiences.  The fundamental changes are needed to improve the quality of what we offer and our productivity. 

We’re already looking forward to next year’s gathering.

July 2024