Luton Borough Council

The Brief

This one-day training course aims to enhance the confidence and competence of all staff to provide all customers with an excellent experience when dealing with the organisation whether in person, by telephone or online.

What we did

  • To gain a clear understanding of who our customers are and our own core values
  • To be able to achieve and maintain a customer focus through a practical understanding of client perspective and positive regard
  • To review good practice principles and techniques when using email and telephone
  • To be able to respond to a range of behaviours appropriately and effectively,  and defuse potentially difficult situations
  • To communicate clearly and with warmth to create a positive impression both verbally and in writing
  • To define excellence in customer care and have opportunities to experience it and practise delivering it, with constructive feedback in a safe learning environment

What happened

This course is for anyone who interacts with customers as part of their daily work.

What they said

Fees for this full-day session £725 plus travel and VAT.

Management training courses

Fantastic course [Motivational Interviewing]! Totally relevant, understandable, practical and interesting. I look forward to using the skills and tools I learned. I was particularly impressed with Alasdair Cant. He is a brilliant trainer, knowledgeable, patient, engaging and clearly skilled at facilitating groups ensuring fun and learning.

Youth Justice Worker