Facilitation is most accurately defined as ‘to make easy’ from the Latin root facilere and French facile. A facilitator is an individual who assists a group in enhancing collaboration, clarifying shared goals, and strategising to accomplish these goals effectively whether for a conference, event or significant business meeting.

What does a facilitator do?

  • Help participants feel comfortable and relaxed
  • Enable exchange between participants
  • Keep the conversation flowing, but allow some silence for thinking
  • Stimulate new topics of conversation
  • Encourage a balance of contribution
  • Help the group arrive at an agreed point/conclusion (if required)

Why use a facilitator?

Using an external facilitator enables events or discussions to run smoothly and allows people to have the conversations they need to have in a safe space. A facilitator brings an objective and impartial presence to get the best out of everyone present.

Who is it for?

We provide expert facilitators for any team or organisation whether a high-profile international conference, a Board Away Day or a team’s strategic planning meeting.

To discuss your facilitation requirements, please contact  info@cambridgetraining.org