What is coaching?

One-to-one coaching is a powerful, yet deceptively simple series of focused conversations to get to the heart of an issue, whether personal, at work – or both. All our qualified coaches offer excellent support to focus on what’s really going on and help to make change possible..

After an initial introductory session, we offer an initial package of 3 or 6 x 1.5hr online coaching sessions with the option to extend by mutual agreement.

To make an enquiry, please contact Helen Robbins helen@cambridgetraining.org

Our coaches

Alasdair Cant

Alasdair Cant is a Director of the company and has been a Coach for over twenty years working with individuals and teams from many different sectors including health, social care, education, arts and clergy. He works with kindness and challenge and will adjust to what is needed to achieve your desired results.

“Alasdair is a brilliant coach…patient, engaging and clearly skilled”

Amrik Panaser

Amrik Panaser has been described as a naturally gifted Coach with a strong professional background in social and health care for over 25 years. His coaching style encourages the client to explore their motivation, refined their goals and embrace hurdles – especially when working with difference be that race, gender or people with additional needs.

“You’re the first professional to see and hear me as a black woman.”

“Your approach is friendly and empathetic. you raise questions and points that allow me to roll with my own thoughts and why I feel the way I do about work and personal situations.”

Helen Robbins

Helen Robbins is a Director of Alasdair Cant & Associates and a qualified coach who has worked with clients including from publishing, law, sales, writers and clergy. She has a warm, supportive style to help get to the core of the matter, to focus on the future you want and how to achieve this.

“…your guidance had huge impact on me, creating clarity and focus. I have made a giant shift and my confidence and self-belief and self-worth are back. I also doubled my salary! You have enabled me to make a wonderful change in my life.” Patent Lawyer