Board Effectiveness Reviews

What is a Board Effectiveness Review?

A Board or Governing Body oversees the work and strategic direction of an organisation. Every few years, a Review by an external body determines how well the Governing Body is performing, what it is doing well and where it can improve.

As well as being a statutory requirement, a Review provides assurance to all concerned that the quality of governance is as good as it can be and is working to the highest possible standard.

Alasdair Cant & Associates has worked as appointed external consultants for a number of Board Effectiveness Reviews in the Higher Education and Charity sectors.

Example of our approach

  1. Initial consultation with key players to confirm project plan.
  2. Prepare an Audit Tool and Qualitative Survey.
  3. Observe relevant Board or staff meetings 
  4. Conduct desk research of relevant documentation/policies etc
  5. One-to-one qualitative interviews including former Governors or staff (if relevant).
  6. Draft report and recommendations for internal circulation and feedback.
  7. Presentation of report at Board Meeting with facilitated discussion to agree and approve action plan.

Who is it for?

A Board Effectiveness Review is usually commissioned by the Chair or Chief Executive of an organisation.  The process involves all governors, trustees and staff and takes place over a number of months.

To discuss your requirements for a Board Effectiveness Review, please contact Helen Robbins on 01223 566794 or email