Screening, Assessment and Effective Interventions

What is it about?

This course will assist practitioners to work more effectively with those for whom drugs/alcohol is a significant issue

What will I learn?

  • To define screening and assessment in the context of substance misuse
  • To recognise and distinguish between experimental, recreational and problematic substance use
  • To consider the range of screening and assessment methods currently used
  • To practise and assess screening and assessment skills, using at least two different methods
  • Identify how barriers to disclosing and discussing substance misuse can be overcome, using a motivational skills approach
  • To gain a practical overview of proven methods to enable clients to engage with treatment services and maintain harm reducing changes
  • To gain an overview of local and national drug and alcohol service provision and a practical understanding of treatment interventions

Who is it for?

This course is for those who have confident drug and alcohol awareness and wish to extend their skills and knowledge to engage successfully with clients around substance use

For more information or to book this training course, contact Helen Robbins on 01223 566794 or email

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Fantastic course [Motivational Interviewing]! Totally relevant, understandable, practical and interesting. I look forward to using the skills and tools I learned. I was particularly impressed with Alasdair Cant. He is a brilliant trainer, knowledgeable, patient, engaging and clearly skilled at facilitating groups ensuring fun and learning.

Youth Justice Worker