What is mediation?

Mediation sessions can offer a powerful breakthrough between two or more people where communication, respect and working together has broken down.

Alasdair Cant has worked with staff in many organisations, contexts and levels of seniority to help unlock often embittered situations with positive and long-lasting effects.

What happens?

Each situation is completely different. The number of sessions can range from one to many, booked over a period of weeks or months with ‘assignments’ set between each session until a resolution is found.

Using structured mediation, each session provide individuals with an opportunity to work through the issues in a safe, honest and constructive way.  By working through a series of stages with a neutral third party, the aim is to resolve the issues to the extent that they can co-exist and work together again.

Who is it for?

Mediation sessions are for staff members who cannot resolve their differences any other way.  They are usually booked by senior managers or HR departments.

To discuss your mediation requirements in complete confidence, please contact Helen Robbins on 01223 566794 or email



Fantastic course [Motivational Interviewing]! Totally relevant, understandable, practical and interesting. I look forward to using the skills and tools I learned. I was particularly impressed with Alasdair Cant. He is a brilliant trainer, knowledgeable, patient, engaging and clearly skilled at facilitating groups ensuring fun and learning.

Youth Justice Worker